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This blog will hold me accountable during my no-spending challenge. But you know what? I want YOU to find budgeting success, too!  Spending less is difficult but it is something that anyone can do – even if it isn’t for a full year. You can fill in the sections that apply and there are lots of different categories to keep you from forgetting certain items.  Sometimes just writing things down can help get you started on the path to success! 

Does your spending match up with your goals?

Identify where you spend the most and make sure that aligns with your goals.  If not, that area might be the part of the budget you cut back or change.  If one of your goals doesn’t have any place on your budget it may be time to start putting money aside for it.  We’re all in this together – so I’m sharing the budgeting checklist I created for myself with my readers for free.

Let’s get started!

Take charge of your spending and take back control of your financial life! Head over here to sign up for the FREE checklist today!  I’m so excited that you’re joining me on this budgeting adventure – we’re going to find so much success together!