About Misty Lynch

Hi, I’m Misty Lynch!

I was born in Connecticut, and spent most of my life there. When I was little, my family had a lot of money. It was the early 80’s, and I was rolling in My Little Ponies and Care Bears. We spent a lot of our money on things. Sports cars, boats, dresses with shoulder pads, etc. were considered sound investments.

That lifestyle came to an end right around middle school. Since then, we were always worried about money. My parents owned their own business, and cash was often tight when they were waiting for their next client. We often lived paycheck to paycheck. I like to think that my parents taught me about #YOLO and the “gig” economy before it was cool. It was exciting – but also very stressful.

My obsession with money started early because I (like many others) thought that it could solve most problems. If we had just a little more of it, things would be good. Everyone would be happy.

I’ve come to realize that if you aren’t happy without money, you might not be happy with it either. Stress is the real problem, and I try to reduce it whenever possible.

I spend my days helping people clarify what their goals are, and gain control over their financial future as a Certified Financial Planner™. I love my job and if I hit the lottery tomorrow I would do it for free. In most cases, I find that when we use money to reduce stress by buying things, we only add to our stress. This is true for both me and my clients – and I decided to do something about it.

Here’s the deal – I’m not spending any money on clothes, shoes, or bags for myself all year (the kids keep growing so they get a pass – deals/coupons required though).

This blog will help me track my progress.

I’m also making a conscious effort to give back to my community, help small businesses, and be a good example for my children when it comes to money. Hopefully, I’d love to help people learn more about personal finance and how to reduce stress without buying more “stuff” along the way.

I’m also a wife and a mother of a 5 year old son, 3 year old daughter, 1.5 year old Rottweiler and a goldfish – living outside of Boston, MA.  My life is busy and fun, but I struggle with finances some days just like everyone else. (Yes, even as a CFP®!). Every day I fight old spending habits and the belief that money can fix things.

Often, I tell my clients to cut budgets or consider building other income streams. This is the year I start walking the walk.